Family Christmas Photos: The Do’s & Dont’s with Todd Nichols Photography


It’s that time of year again. The time of year every husband dreads… Family photos… to get that perfect Christmas card picture!  We had the pleasure of shooting with Todd Nichols Photography this year. It was really important to me to find a unique location that truly showcased Boise’s mountains and beauty since we just moved here. So naturally, i chose a mountain top. Okay, not really but it sure did seem like that when we were hiking up the hill and I could already see my kids starting to crumble. So today, I wanted to share some of the tips and trades I have learned over the years of Christmas photos and other shoots. I also wanted to share some of our favorite photos, some of the true MELTDOWNS from JoJo and some info on our sweet husband and wife photography team! Thanks for stopping by. I’m saving our favorite photo for our cards.


1. Scout the perfect photographer – Look at their portfolios. Your going to need someone who can snap away and understand the time commitment you have with a young one

2. Bring a piece of bribery ALONG with you. Such as chocolate bar, gummies or whatever your little one can gobble down. I wouldn’t recommend lollipops because I’ve done it … and then your stuck with a toddler smirking with a lolly stick hanging out of their mouth.

3. Give a special treat after to reward them for complying. Let them pick the restaurant you eat at. Let them pick a movie or watch at home.


1. Don’t stress about outfits. I know that’s the first thing we think as mommas! “What will we all wear?” “Will it’s Coordinate?”. It really depends on your background on where you are shooting. I always like to look on Pinterest for similar backdrops and see what outfit colors really stuck out to me. You dont want to blend in and be washed out but you also dont want to be in something too loud it takes away from the photo. For easy go to colors, whites always look good.

2. during the shoot If your kids aren’t working with you…. Don’t panic. Don’t get mad. Just go with the flow. Some of the best photos we have are the ones that our kids just simply aren’t cooperating and we end up throwing them in the air or tickling them to death. I promise, you will get ONE! And if not …. well there is always next year. 😉

This year jojo was not having it … see below photos…..

But you’ll see… its okay he’s throwing a fit. We will just hang him upside down and get a cute photo! Haha! Todd and Julie did a great job just pushing through with a grumpy toddler. Here are some of photos

Over all we ended up getting some great photos. I wont share them all because ill be posting them over some time! We were very luck to have Todd and Julie helping us tame our kiddos. If you are in the boise area Todd and Julie are amazing! Here is a little about them! They are so fun to work with:

Todd and Julie Nichols are portrait and wedding photographers and business coaches.  They are also parents of four humans, one miniature mutt and one ginormous English Lab.   Co-cooking date nights are a favorite activity and they just happen to be sparkling water connoisseurs.  Todd and Julie welcome all help and comments in their constant quest for the perfect automated vacuum cleaner and are huge fans of family snuggle time in front of a fire.  OH, and shoes!…It’s important to have the right tool for the job right?!

We believe with our WHOLE hearts that capturing the beauty in our clients and the love in their relationships can only come from a heart that knows and gives love.

Thanks for checking in! I wish you all the best with your next photo adventure and a Merry, Merry Christmas!

To contact Todd and Julie click HERE >

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