Featuring 4 different ways to style The Makaila James 2-piece set


I love outfits that can be worn many different ways. It makes it fun to push the limits of your closet and really throw outfits together. Today I am featuring a 2 piece set from the adorable online shop, Makaila James. I fell in love with the colors on this wrap skirt and bell sleeve top and loved the versatility of it. It looks great together and can look like a dress or can be fun to pair with different shirts from your closet. Basically endless outfits 🙂 Here are four fun ways I chose to style this set. Hope you enjoy!

First look: The Smokey Meadows Top paired with a simple black skirt. Skirt (Slate Boutique)

Second look: The Caravan Wrap Skirt paired with a off the shoulder top (Slate Boutique)


Third Look: The Smokey Meadows Top paired with jeans


Fourth and Final look The Smokey Meadows Top Paired with the Caravan Wrap Skirt


If you love this set and want to see more go online and check out Makaila James and use the code “WHITNEY20” the receive 20% off of your order. Below I have direct linked the top and wrap skirt.

The Smokey Meadows Top

The Caravan Wrap Skirt




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