BFF tee’s, discount codes & jewelry that inspires change. Featuring Sophie Shoes boutique

I LOVE to work with boutiques or companies that are driven and have such purpose! Samantha & I have teamed up to bring you some of our favorite looks & boutiques in our #BFFblogger series we recently shot. This week I am excited to share and spotlight Sophie Shoes boutique  ( and some of her adorable tee’s and inspiring jewelry.

Sophie Shoes is adorable boutique based out of Joplin, Missouri! It’s basically known as the candy store for shoe lovers but as you can see she offers other great things as well! We are wearing Joyous Ride T-shirts and Beljoy Jewelry which you can purchase directly from Sophie Shoes!

So before I go into depth on why I love this special brand of jewelry she sells, I’ll throw out a discount code just for our followers! You can purchase any Joyous Ride tee’s or beautiful Beljoy jewelry for 15% OFF when you use the code BFF15 !!!

(jeans & jackets- Lotus Boutique)

Ok. Back on track. Why I love Beljoy  Jewels…


Talk about purpose..

This company is so inspiring! All of their jewelry is handmade by women in Haiti! Not only are they providing jobs for these ladies and mommas but fighting poverty at the same time. And on top of all of that, EVERYTHING is adorable and reasonably priced. For me, Supporting smaller companies that have such great purpose is more rewarding then buying a cute, cheap necklace from target. You know you are giving back.

When the creator of Beljoy, Abby Clevenger was asked in a recent interview “what do you want others to know about Beljoy?” this was her answer:

“I want people to know that Béljoy jewelry is made with love. The ladies are so thankful to be making it, they love having the opportunity to earn money and love the idea that people are wearing their creations. I want people to know that their purchases are directly improving lives in Haiti. Not only the five full time ladies we have and their families, but we have had many opportunities to help children with medical needs, their education and nutrition. The love of Jesus is our inspiration. All of the creativity and beauty in this world is a gift from God, and Beljoy is just one more expression of that love”

simply amazing

We are sporting the”Brock” necklace and  “Baxley” bracelets all by Beljoy!

I also love THIS, THIS, & THIS .

To see all Beljoy pieces available at Sophie Shoes click HERE and don’t forget use BFF15 for 15% off!


I also linked some Joyous Ride shirts HERE and HERE



Happy Shopping!

God Bless



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