where the rubber meets the runway- ladies of NASCAR for FABRIK


I love these ladies to death so this shoot was such a blast! Fabrik of Lake Norman is one my (for obvious reasons) favorite boutiques around and we all were so excited to come together to showcase their newest fall looks and trends! We teamed up with one amazing photographer, Walter Arce from http://www.actionsportsInc.com and were styled by the amazing Brittany Payne & Jessica Harvey! Jessica & Brittany really wanted this shoot to tell a story and showcase what we would wear for everyday life such as mommy dates/casual, a night out and of course a look for the track! So here are my looks and if you haven’t stopped into Fabrik yet, DO IT! Everything is reasonably priced and as you can see, totally adorable!

First Look: NIGHT OUT

So effortless, yet so sassy! I loved this look. An up and coming trend is wearing a chain clutch under your dress or sweater and letting it fall through the bottom! It sounds crazy, but totally cute!







Second Look: AT THE TRACK

Who doesn’t love a good, comfy pair of pleather leggings?! Throw on a cute top and a fringe overlay and you are set! This outfit is perfect for me because its stretchy and flexible! I at least have one of my kids hanging off of me at all times and honestly, that fringe would occupy my 10 month old for at least 5 minutes!




For me, its either a simple outfit or yoga pants and a tee when it comes to mommy dates. I loved how this adorable cheetah scarf could take a simple outfit to an exciting one! I don’t know about you but I totally think cheetah is a neutral.



If you would like to purchase any of these outfits or accessories, please call Fabrik LKN @ (704) 997.2852 ! before you go, check out this awesome drone footage taken by Walter Arce!

Thanks for reading!


Whitney Kay Scott

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