my favorite hair products and tips to get longer, thicker hair


H&MU: Lindsey Regan Thorne

Hey y’all! I’ve had a few ladies ask me to post about my all time favorite hair products and what I use to keep my hair healthy.  A few years ago my hair was BLEACH BLONDE (see below)! I decided to go bleach for a runway show and a few photo shoots I had and I will never make that mistake again.



It was breaking to pieces and in result of that, getting very short. So over the past few years I have been researching and trying every product to make a difference in the length of my hair.  While I was pregnant with jojo I was determined to get my hair healthy again.  Lets just say I really let the “mombre” set in. I naturally have very thick and dry hair, so not every product works for me.  Here is a rundown on my top favorite products and tips that have helped me regain long, thick hair again.

  1. Now this may sound silly but this is one of the products I feel has really helped. Yup, a silk pillowcase!


Your hair might be breaking off from your sheets. Have you noticed how most babies have spots with no hair on the back of their head from laying down on their backs all the time? This makes me realize the damage of tossing and turning during sleep on rough pillow cases!

here is the link to the Spasilk pillow case I have:

2.  a good detangling brush



I used to use a regular old paddle brush and would pull clumps of hair out trying to detangle my hair.

The Wet Brush and Tangle Teezer are the only brushes I use now and trust me- if you have long hair or hair that tangles easy, you’ll want one of these and you will totally see the difference!

3. BIOLAGE shampoo and conditioner


All time favorite shampoo and conditioner. I love the way it makes my hair look and feel.  My Husband even uses it!

I use the Hydrasource for dry hair.

4. Pre-natal or Post-natal vitamins


For obvious reasons I was taking these vitamins and I believe they have helped tremendously and they taste good too! You can purchase the OLLY brand at Target.

5.   Alterna lengthening hair and scalp elixir


I religiously pump this into my hair after its washed and massage it through to the tips! PS. It smells delicious!

6.  Kenra Dry Shampoo


Its not good to wash your hair everyday. I try to go a few days without washing it and use this dry shampoo to help me out!

7. I don’t believe in the “cutting your hair more often” theory. Im sure it make work for some girls, but it doesn’t for me!

My Hairdresser (the amazing Stacy Lee) and I have an ongoing joke… I only let her cut my hair about every 3rd hair apt. and she’s only allowed to cut a quarter of a quarter of an inch. She still laughs at me every time I say it.



Thanks to some sweet old friends from Connecticut I found out about this magic product and had my hairdresser start using it on me immediatley . The results with this product are pretty awesome.  I think it helps with blondes especially with all the damage we do to our hair!

You know there is a difference in your hair when people start asking if you have extensions in when you actually don’t!  I curl my hair with a 1″ inch Hot Tools curling iron to get the waves I like but I try my hardest to only do this for special occasions. I hope you try out a few of these tips and see a difference in the health and length of your hair.



PLEASE NOTE: in my 1st picture I have a few clip-in extensions in!

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