My Off The Shoulder Swim Top- under $15


Hi loves! Hope everyone is having fun gearing up for the Solar Eclipse! I got a few messages about my swim top from yesterdays post so I figured i’d link it here! Ive been working on getting my instagram stories to provide a link but … its harder than I thought. Anyways, I love this look for a relaxing day at the beach and throw a wrap around your waist for a cute look!


Best thing is its under $16 bucks and comes in five different colors! I linked two different brands that are both around the same price point but one is PRIME, Same suit! I like to pair the top with bottoms I already have for a mix/match look. I ordered the size LARGE (asian 6-8) because it is asian sizing but think it would be more comfortable in a MEDIUM.

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A little Rachel Zoe with Amethyst Salon

Hello Loves! Its been a while…. I know. This move has kept me busy! I am back to share with you some fun photos by Todd Nichols Photography from a recent shoot I was a part of for my new favorite Boise salon, Amethyst! All of the models were lent some amazing Rachel Zoe Dresses from a local boutique, Peace Unique. Here are some of my favorite photos!





A huge Thank you to Kristin and Cel from Salon Amethyst for letting me a part of such a fun shoot! You girls rock ❤


Shop my black Rachel Zoe gown below by clicking the picture

Rachel Zoe Estelle Gown
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Shopping with FiFi’s: Summer Style’s

How many times can I say it? I love consignment shopping, and I LOVE FiFi’s! I recently teamed up with them to do a summer shoot for a taste of their great styles! I scored a Zimmermann dress that still had the tag on it ($495) and got it for $13 dollars! I love finding steals like that. Below are some of the outfits they have in right now! The Valentino wedge espradrilles were my favorite!






to say we had fun was an understatement …


Stop in to their Cornelius, NC Location or to shop any of these looks call 704-892-7070 !

All the photos courtesy of Megan Hettinger.



bikini love <3

Hey Ladies! Ive had a few requests on my favorite swimsuits, especially for moms who need a little give and take. Here is one of my favorites for summer 2017 ❤

The PILYQ Samba suit! I paired this tassel top with a simple black bottom. Its a great suit for running around and has full coverage with a cute criss cross tie in the back. The embroidery details are bound to turn eyes! Size up for the swim top, I wore the medium and think I could have even worn the Large!

My coverup is sold out but here is one similar for quarter of the price!

click the photo below to purchase the PILYQ SAMBA suite

Click the photo below to purchase  

Enjoy ❤


Planning the perfect photoshoot with Michelle Porter Photography


Recently Michelle Porter from Michelle Porter Photography asked if I was available for a mommy and me shoot. Of course I jumped on the oppurtunity! I knew I had to start planning and coordinating outfits which can often be stressful for families with more than 2 kids. I want to use this post to share my steps to a simple and stress free photo session and also share the amazing work from a dear friend, Michelle!

Lets face it. As much as we want our family members to be excited about family photo shoots… they just aren’t. It sometimes becomes a task just pre-planning what your going to have to bribe them with to make them smile for the camera. Yes, Husbands require this too! (jk babe, you are awesome)

I love photos. I always have. Its so special to me to look back at a day from 4,5, or 10 years ago and relive the moment from a picture we captured. Its time you’ll never get back so I cherish a good photo. Here are a few things I do before photo shoots.


  1. look online (pinterest) for inspiration. Have a set of ideas, props and looks sent to your photographer before the shoot. For this shoot, I took a vintage chair I had sitting in my closet and propped it in our yard. And Brielle actually has a wool rug wrapped around her! Michelle and a friend of hers handmade these fresh flower crowns. It was so fun to change things up! Brielle and I felt like fairies!
  2. Decide on a location. Try to think out of the box for this one! Even in your woods or a family park can be the best. We chose our yard for this shoot.
  3. Choose outfits for you and your family members. This can be tricky. Its hard to color coordinate your whole family and make sure everything matches perfectly and blends. Its easy to find yourself racing around the day before the shoot looking for the perfect dress or shirt for your son so have this done a week or so in advance giving you time to make changes. Not sure what colors compliment each other? Another great time to use pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes the simplest outfits can make for the best pictures. I chose to use a simple old tee to dress down my sequin skirt. Want to make the most of your shoot? Ask your photographer if you can do an outfit change!
  4. Want to get really slammed up and cherish your photos forever? Hire a professional Hair and Makeup artist. My goto Girl is Rachel Rupert. To contact Rachel email .
  5. Prep your skin the night before! I love to get a spray tan to give add a little color in photos. With my hair so light I can sometimes look a little ghosty. My favorite new product to use mornings of are NERIUM EYE-V HYDROGEL PATCHES. My mother in law got me hooked on these. The work fast to brighten your skin under your eyes along with reducing fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. These things work magic. If you’d like to purchase and give these a try click HERE .
  6. Have kids? Pack chocolate. Brielle hates taking pictures so we had to take 1 or 2 chocolate breaks.
  7. HAVE FUN! Don’t be stiff, Let loose. Tickle your kids, throw them in the air! Pinch your partners but and smile. These will be memories you’ll cherish forever. A special Thank You to Michelle for capturing these amazing photos and Lynsey Marie for the adorable video. Enjoy!








Contact Michelle for photos
Contact Lynsey for videography 

best of luck on your next photo session




my boots with the pearl – Replica Nicholas Kirkwood boots for a fraction of the price

I get excited over little victories like this. I follow along with a lot of high fashion celebs and influencers and fall in love with a lot/most of their outfits… There are a few things I see and know I can’t live without making them a pretty little spot in my closet… But a lot of times the cost is just outrageous. That was the case when I saw Olivia Culpo in the most amazing pair of over the knee boots with an oversized pearl perfectly placed underneath the heel.

fullsizerender-37Yup! needed them …

But I took one look at the pretty little price tag and gasped. I knew I loved them but were they really worth spending $1,595? I think not. So I went on the search to find anything even remotely close. I searched and searched and searched. Found them!! And for a fraction of the price… drumb roll please ….. $115.00 … win!


The perfect boots with the pearl. I get a lot of compliments on these babies so I figured i’d share my victory, Because they are beautiful! I wear them with everything and they are so comfortable.


Here are the links for my outfit:

Boots with the Pearl:

Nine Seven Suede Leather Women’s Round Toe Exquisite Chunky Heel Pearl Handmade Over The Knee High Boot (7.5, black)

Zac Posen Bag/Backpack:(click photo)

Dress, Similar: (click photos)


As always, Thanks for following along. Lots of love & God Bless!


New year, New you… right? 3 of my favorite cheap & easy at home workout gadgets

I never post workout videos or tutorials because lets face it, I have NO CLUE what the heck I am doing.. but about a year ago I decided to invest in that cute little elliptical in the background and this year I have started to form a cute little gym so I can do workouts that I can form that work for me with equipment I can confidently use and see results! I have really started to see results just by setting a little bit of time aside each day. Here are 3 of my favorite workout gadgets I use daily linked for you… and all UNDER $115! WOOP!

First up, My favorite! The “Crazy Abs” Ab Coaster!

I searched all over the internet to find a reasonably priced ab coaster and let me tell you they get pricey! Some of them up to $900, So when I saw this one I knew I had to try it out and for the price I love it!

    <<< click this to be directed to product.

Pros:   Light Weight, Small and can fit anywhere to store easily, Effective, Cheap, Ships quick, Has a small counter to track your efforts!

Cons: Not built like a million dollar machine but still sturdy

Next The Amazon Medicine Ball


 For Obvious reasons and workouts this thing is awesome to have at home. I chose to purchase the 12 lb Medicine ball for my workouts. My favorite thing to do is pinterest medicine ball workouts to constantly change things up! They range from 4lbs to 12!

The 12 lb medicine ball is on sale for $ 25.96 ! click the photo to be directed to the link.

Last but not least are the Resistance bands.

These come in a pack of 5 ranging from extra light to extra heavy and there are so many things you can do to work your booty out! My favorite are the donkey kicks… Brace yourself. I realize I am no personal trainer and probably doing this slightly incorrect but you get the gist. These come with an ebook to show you how to correctly do the workouts!

Under $10 bucks and prime shipping, You can’t go wrong here!


Thanks for bearing along with me!  I have been really motivated to get in the best shape I can be and wanted to share my favorite products that have worked for me. I would love to hear your reviews if you try any of these out.

Thanks for following along.